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Fall River

The Fall River is the largest spring system in the United States, and arguably the States best spring creek to fly fish on. The springs that make up the Fall River create some of the clearest water you will ever see and keep it at a cool 50-degree rainbow trout habitat. Views of Mount Shasta make it a perfect back drop for your fish photo!

The Fall River itself is some fifteen miles long with private property lining most of all the banks which makes it impossible to wade. Boat is the best way to attack this fishery.

 Millionaires and sportsmen have bought up every piece of river frontage creating exclusivity and privacy to be reckoned with. A notable lawsuit in 1971 declared the river navigable if you can get a boat in the water, But luckily Western Anglers Guide Service has access. 

Hatches (including the famous "Hex" hatch) are impressive even by western standards and are best mid June through July.  Heavy wild rainbows dominate the fish population.  However, because it is a spring creek, catching these fish often requires skilled presentation. If you have not experienced the "Hex" hatch, then you should definitely experience it once in your life time. It is truley magical to witness these monster mayflys hatching everywhere all around you. The water is literally blanketed with these big yellow mayflys.


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