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Klamath River

The Klamath River is one of California's hidden steelhead gems that doesn't see a lot of boat traffic like the Trinity does. This is the perfect place to escape the rat race of the Trinity and fish for steelhead in peace.


The Klamath starts in Oregon up in the Agency and Klamath Lakes Basin. From there it flows down into California into Copco and Iron Gate Reservoirs. The river then becomes a tailwater fishery below Iron Gate Dam where large numbers of resident trout and steelhead live. In spring from late May through June, there is an incredible stone fly hatch in which large numbers of steelhead and trout are caught on the surface. In midsummer, though, the fishing becomes slow due to heat. The mouth of the Klamath can be fished with good results beginning the second week of August. The middle section of the Klamath River becomes productive in early October, and as the season continues on, the upper part by Iron Gate Reservoir will see more fish and fish well.

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