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Lake Siskiyou 

Lake Siskiyou is Fed by five clear, mountain streams, Lake Siskiyou’s 430 acre recreational waters are held by Box Canyon Dam at the south end, which feeds the Upper Sac. Boat fishing is great any time of year with speeds limited to 10 mph. The lake offers Rainbow, Brown trout, Bass and Crayfish. The bass fishing is incredible here during the summer and should be experinced. Bass fishing is a really fun type of fly fishing and is super exciting to see a bass slam your popper on the surface while you are stripping it in! Lake Siskiyou also offers a Hex Hatch, the T-Rex of the mayfly world, and is super fun to catch trout and bass on a big dry fly. The hatch usually starts when the sun goes down and we fish well into dark. 

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