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Lower Sacramento River Fly Fishing

The Lower Sacramento River, also known as the Lower Sac, is one of the most famous tailwater fisheries in the united states. It is famous for its healthy population of big wild Rainbows. We use drift boats to access the most productive areas of this large tailwater. The Lower Sac offers great year around fishing, so be sure not to miss out on this awesome fishery!




The Lower Sac during the springtime is some of the most productive time of the year to be on this river. During this time of year, you hear about the famous "Mother's Day" caddis hatches, which can often be seen covering the water surface. On some days we catch trout on dry flies in fast rolling currents but subsurface patterns always seem to be more productive on the Lower Sac and we use caddis pupa patterns to fool very large trout. It is not unusual to hook 20 or more trout in a day when the bite is on! Also, the trout are spawning during this time of year so Please respect all spawning trout and stay away from the spawning areas and the spawning beds called redds.




Summer is always hot on the Lower Sac both angling and in the boat. We seldom wear our waders then, shorts and big sun hats are best for comfort... Most days are in the 100-degree range so wear a wide brim hat for the sun and bring lots of sun block. This time of year, our guides will always have plenty of water, a great guide lunch and productive fishing since the water that comes out of the Keswick Dam is temperature controlled at a constant 56 degrees. You might be hot but the fish are happy and hungry for hydropsyche caddis!



Fall is an incredible time to be on the Lower Sac, and you miss the summer heat. In September, the massive salmon begin to arrive to spawn. As salmon begin to lay their eggs in all sections of the river, hungry trout move into these areas to gorge themselves on the salmon's eggs. This is what we call the famous lower sac egg bite! Steelhead also start to arrive in the lower stretches of the river, from Anderson down. This is truly an exciting time of year and we look forward to putting big fish and smiles in the boat.




This time of year depends on the weather and river conditions. If the river is fishable, the fishing is not as productive as other months, but the size of the trout can be huge! If you don't mind a little weather, then this is a fun place to fish during the winter months.

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