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McCloud River

The World famous McCloud River. The reason why I call it world famous, other than its fabulous fishing, is that these fish were used to stock rivers around the world: New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and other potential trout fisheries all across the western hemisphere. The McCloud River rainbows attract many anglers, but that is not the only main attraction. The McCloud's other main attraction is its residential Brown Trout and its lake run brown trout that come up out of lake shasta in the fall to spawn. The McCloud itself is a river unlike any other, cascading through sections of boulder-strewn pocket riffles, and one emerald pool after another. The banks of the river are lined with a dense forest of tall evergreens and hardwoods. All of this cool, un-polluted, aerated water creates perfect conditions for caddies flies, mayflies, and even a variety of different stoneflies including the giant salmon flies, golden stoneflies, and little yellow stones. Fishing on the McCloud River is usually a well-balanced mixture of both nymphing and dry fly fishing, and streamers can work well, too. Anglers on the McCloud River frequently get hypnotized by the rivers beauty and find themselves amazed that there is something special like this left in CA. 


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