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Pit River

If there is one river around here that scares people, it's the Pit. The reasons for this could be the slippery big rocks that makes up the bottom, or  the fact that you are most likely to slip and take a quick dunk, we call this getting baptized!

The Pit tumbles down a steep, rugged canyon marked by a seemingly endless array of slick boulders. The hiking can be tough, and the wading can be challenging. For those fearless anglers willing to work a little, the rewards of fishing the Pit River are well worth it. The Pit also has a reputation of being the easiest place in CA to catch wild trout. The tough reputation of the river keeps many anglers away, making the Pit a great place to escape the crowds. Each and every pocket of water on the river holds fish, and large fish. These wild, football-shaped Rainbows are the definition of strong-willed and hard-fighting. Many anglers, after finally summoning up the courage to test the Pit's tumultuous waters, have remarked that it is arguably "the finest wild trout river in California." The strength and power of these rainbows will surprise any angler who challenge and conquer the Pit River.

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