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Upper Sac Fly Fishing

The Upper Sacramento begins below Lake Siskiyou--near the town of Mount Shasta--and flows downstream for nearly 39 miles through canyons and small towns eventually dumping into Lake Shasta. Much of the river is within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and runs along Interstate 5 earning it one of the best roadside fisheries. Once you are to the river, it feels as if there is no interstate 5 running along it and feels as if you are in the middle of nowhere. This river is truly majestic. The Union Pacific Railroad tracks run along the whole river, making this river very accessible. You can get off any freeway exit and hike up or down the tracks and find no one fishing. The river is made up of riffles, runs, pocket water, small holes, huge pools and undercuts, all of which provide anglers with opportunities to fish dry flies, a variety of nymphing techniques, or even streamers, all in a day's fishing. Rainbow trout are the predominate fish in these waters, and most are healthy, wild, and native to the river system. They are full of fight, quick, and often go straight up in the air when they feel the prick of a fly in their lip.


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