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Winter Fly Fishing

Winter fly fishing is in full effect on the upper sac and klamath. We are recieving alot of snow and rain up here in the north state, and we are currenly experience a new storm that has moved in that is warm, so we are recieving alot of rain. we were lucky to get out a couple days ago on the upper sac and the river was still clear. We managed to get a few rainbows to the net. There was also a big blue winged olive mayfly hatch going on and found a few fish rising for them. with all this rain we are getting right now, most of the rivers are blown out. The good thing about the rain is it will bring in more steelehead. If you are looking for a steelhead trip, western anglers will be guiding around the iron gate section on the upper klamath.

Western Anglers Guide Service will also be doing streamer fishing on Lake Siskiyou for hungry Browns and Rainbows. We were out there last week for an hour before dark and pulled in 6 fish, it was awesome! if you have never experienced streamer fly fishing, you are sure missing out! book with western anglers and come experince the rush of streamer fishing!


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