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Upper Sac & Lower Sac Fish Report

THE UPPER SAC has kicked off to a great start so far this spring and the river is looking great and flowing at a healthy 1646 cfs. The water is a little off color right now but the visibility is still good and is producing some great bent rod action right now. If you are going to fish this river right now, look for the slow water next to the fast current, there should be trout in every seam of slow water next to the fast current. Also, make sure to fish the edges super close to the banks. always adjust your variables (Depth & weight) as you are approaching a new run and make sure you are using enough weight to get down to where the fish are. I adjusted my weight 4 times at one spot to get to the right depth. The Upper Sac rainbows wanna be served up some big rubber legs with a side of mayflies (micro mays, pheasant tails,) and also some gordon princes for dessert.

Lower Sacramento Fishing Report 4/6/16

The Lower Sac (Lower Sacramento) is the place to be right now! If you are looking to fish a steaming hot river right now, then you better rig up that rod and get out here! I was on the river yesterday and decided to get away from the crowds and do a drift on the lower section of the upper part of the lower sac (Anderson Down). This section of river has a ton of medium sized trout and plenty of them. Typically the upper drifts will produce bigger fish but you will have to deal with the crowds and play bumper boats, which isn’t a big deal cause there are plenty of fish in this river and it is fishing so good right now it doesn’t matter! The drift from Anderson down is truly a site to see and it is an amazing stretch of water that makes you feel like you are in the middle of no where with plenty of breathtaking sites to see. The flies that have been working have been eggs, pmds, rubber legs, and other mayfly imitations. Don’t hesitate to come fish this river right now! You don’t want to miss out! Remember the The top few miles of the Lower Sac from Keswick to Highway 44, including the drift boat section from Posse Grounds Ramp to Hwy 44, which is a bit over 1 mile will be closed until August 1st.

Open Days April 10-24, May 1-3, 6,9,10,16,17,20,22,2

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