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Opening Month of Trout Season

Trout Season is in full swing now and all the local rivers are open! I have been guiding on the Fall River, Upper Sac, McCloud, Hat Creek, and Pit River mostly since the season has opened. Some rivers are starting off slow but should come around as water temps warm up and springtime run off begins to drop. As I am typing this we are receiving rain right now and should continue to receive rain. This can up the flows on some rivers.

Upper Sac:

The Upper Sac is almost in prime shape to make it wader friendly throughout the whole river. The flows have dropped down to 559 cfs. I would focus on the The Upper Part of the River that is definitely more easier to wade than the lower part. We are seeing salmon flies, golden stones, caddis, and mayflies hatching throughout the river. We have had some success on dry droppers, but the best fishing has been under a "jaydacator" (an indicator made by Jason Cockrum--best indicator on the planet!). The fish seem to be keying on rubberlegs, various caddis patterns and mayflies. Don't forget that wading staff when you come to this river!

Pit River:

The Pit River recently fished really well. It was an awesome day on the water and many fish were brought to the net. The fishing was slow in the early morning and then as late morning approached it was game on! The flows on the pit are almost back to normal and should continue to fish good as the season continues. If you visit this river, take a friend with you. The wading on this river is tough and highly recommend a fishing partner and a wading staff. High sticking the pocket water is very effective with or without and indicator. There a ton of caddis flying around and you should throw various caddis patterns on your rig throughout the day and also don't forget the rubber legs.

McCloud River:

The McCloud River is fishing good some days and ok the others, but the beauty of the McCloud will leave you satisfied just for showing up! It will get better as the water temps warm up a bit! Expect the river to be crowded, especially on the weekends. The Golden Stones should get going in good numbers any day now, so be prepared to run dry dropper rigs.

Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento continues to produce great fishing days on the river. The flows are slowly going up. Expect the weather by next weekend to hit the high 80's. Use various caddis patterns and mayflies to get your rod a good bend.

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