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Upper Sac & Lower Sacramento Fishing Report

4/20 Upper Sac Fish Report

The Upper Sac has recently dropped and is flowing at 1430 CFS. With these flows Wading should be more accessible, but still be careful. If you don’t have a wading staff, make sure you get one. The river can fish really good right now if you get down to where the fish are. I cannot stress enough to make sure you are putting enough weight on your rig and getting your flies down. There can be some big fish caught right now and there are some lake run fish in the system. what got me excited are some of the salmonfly exoskeletons on the rocks! They should be crawling out in good numbers soon. I have been tossing big rubber legs and copper johns and they have not disappointed me.

Lower Sac

The Lower Sac for this week fished great one day and then ok the other. Three days ago the river fished good and consistently throughout the whole drift and the other day the river fished insane right off the bat and then it seemed like it just turned off as the day went on. But the river should continue to put up good numbers and the PMDs were hatching throughout the day and spotted some fishing rising for them. I also saw some Spotted Caddis (Hydropsyche) out and that hatch will get thicker as the season continues. The temps were hot this week but its going back down to the 70s and should stay like that for a week, but we could see some rain and thunderstorms this Friday.

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