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Lower Sac is on Fire! Trout Opener is less than 2 weeks out!

Hello all! The lower Sac is on Fire and Fishmas (Trout Opener) is upon us! Rivers that I guide that will be opening: Fall River, McCloud, Hat Creek. Rivers that are open year around that I guide: Upper Sac, Pit River, Lower Sac. Major hatches upcoming Salmon Stonefly, Golden Stonefly. These two hatches bring many opportunities for fishing big dry flies and big stonefly nymphs.

Trout Fishing on the Lower Sac has been amazing the last couple weeks and has produced some unforgettable days! It should continue to produce and if you have any free days to go fishing, you should definitely try to get to this river while it is hot! Current flows are at 25,000 cfs and the big flows haven't messed with the fishing at all. Wading at these flows is definitely not recommended. Open days for the rest of April: 19, 24-28th. May open days: 1-16, 18, 29, 30. June: 4,14-15, 18, 24, 26-27.

Rivers Opening April 29th

McCloud River: The world famous McCloud River opens up April 29th and the Salmon Flies and golden stones will be happening during the months of May and June. This river is fun and exciting and offers many dry fly opportunities in the evening and can use various techniques to catch fish on this beautiful river.

Hat Creek: Hat Creek is one of California's most famous creeks in the western united states and is a challenge for even the most experienced anglers.

Fall River: The nations biggest spring creek system. It is truly a place to check of you fly fishing bucket list.

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