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Atmospheric Rivers Are Bringing Tons Of Rain To The North State And Rivers Are Climbing

Upper Sac 2/9/2017

As I am typing this right now, the rain is hammering down and the Upper Sacramento River is currently flowing at 29,700 cfs and is climbing at about 1600 cfs an hour. This river is huge right now and should definitely be avoided, but it is a spectacular site to see! Keep looking forward to spring time fishing on The Upper Sac and keep dreaming about the big golden and salmon stoneflies in May and June!

Lower Sac

The Lower Sacramento River (Lower Sac) continues to flow BIG and it is going to get even Bigger! The Bureau of Reclamation plans to increase flows out of Keswick Dam and the Lower Sac is expected to hit 50,000 cfs Friday, 60,000 cfs on Saturday and 70,000 cfs on Sunday— Yes, you read that right! The reason for such big releases is to make room for flood space regulatory requirements within the Shasta Reservoir. Be safe and keep away from this monster of a river. On the bright side, March and April are coming fast and are prime months to be out on the lower Sac!

Opening Days: March 6-10, 12-31st. April 1-5, 13-26.

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