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NorCal Guided Fly Fishing: McCloud, Upper Sac, Lower Sac, Pit River. 10% discount if you book before

Have you ever wanted to fly fish Northern California's famous blue ribbon trout streams or master them better with a professional guide? Well, now is your chance to do so! Western Anglers Guide Service is offering a "beat the heat" special to receive 10% off if you book before march.

Northern California's famous blue ribbon streams are something you want to master and become great at. I find, if you can master northern California's rivers, you can fish anywhere in the united states with the skills that you will learn from fishing these rivers with a guide.

The McCould River

Years ago, I was invited by a friend to go fish the McCloud River for the first time. I had no idea that it was world famous nor did I know that my eyes would ever witness something so magnificent. All I could say to myself is that I have found fly fishing heaven on earth. From then on out, I was in love.

After that first initial experience, I finally knew why everyone fell in love with this place. There are so many reasons to fall in love with this river, but the reasons why I fell in love with this river was the emerald color water, which painted a perfect picture to my eyes every time I looked at it. The seclusiveness of the McCloud maybe be another reason what makes it so special.

The McCloud is awesome in the spring time and I highly recommend booking a trip. What is awesome about the spring time on the McCloud is the big bug hatches that happen on it: Salmon Fly and Golden Stonefly. The giant salmon flies come out to play in may and sometimes rolling into June. The salmon flys are then followed by a ton of Golden Stoneflies and Little Yellow Stoneflies, all of which can get the McCloud River's rainbow and brown trout excited and create a magnificent surface feeding frenzy. If the fish are being picky and don't want to rise to the surface for a tasty dry fly, then we are prepared with a nymph to get the job done. Another effective technique is a dry dropper rig. This is where you have a dry on the surface and a nymph trailing below the dry fly under water, so you are essentially fishing best of both worlds.

The Upper Sac

Ahhh the upper sac! I find the upper sac fishes just as good as the McCloud and the beauty is just as impressive. As for the hatches, they are pretty much the same as the McCloud if not better during the spring time. If you like big bugs, then you want to be on the McCloud and Upper Sac during the spring. You can also catch a big lake run fish in the spring, but you dont want to target them if they are on their redds. It is better to leave them alone.

The upper sac starts just below Lake Siskiyou dam (near the city of mount shasta) and then flows for 38 miles before hitting lake shasta. This is by far the most accessible river for waders, but not the easiest wading. I recommend wading staffs which can be purchased at Ted Fay Fly Shop in the Town of Dunsmuir. I actually recommend wading staffs for all the rivers up here. The best technique we use on this river is high stick indicator nymphing and for the more advanced we use high stick indicatorless nymphing.

Also, late in the summer is another awesome part about the upper sac is bass fishing. Yes, bass fishing! On the lower stretches of the summer you can find some good bass fishing. The Alabama spotted bass move in from the lake to much on the highly populated riffle sculpin.

Lower Sacramento River (By Redding)

If your on your search for a trophy rainbow trout, this is most likely the place it will happen. Ive seen some of the biggest rainbows come out of this river and there is a reason why they are so big. Many of the sac river rainbows get big and get big fast because of the many salmon in the river almost year around. These sac river bows munch on eggs which are full of protein and a vital food for their diet. Without these salmon, I don't the fish would be as big as they are. The best way to fish this river is by drift boat. Luckily for western anglers guide service we have two drift boats, so we can accommodate up to groups of four. if you wanted to go bigger, we can also hire on additional guides that we work with. spring and fall are by far the best time of year to fish this river, but it also fishes great all summer long. winter fishing wont be as good but you can land a fish of a life time.

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