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Storms Are Hammering The North State & Fishing Takes A break (For A Little)

The North State is getting hammered right now with el-nino strength rains and most of the local rivers are blown out and look like chocolate milk. This is a good thing though, cause CA is getting much needed water to fill up our reservoirs. Lake Shasta is filling up and many locals think it will fill all the way up by the end of the season, (I hope so). Since Wednesday we are expected to receive 3-8 inches of rain and it has been producing so far. I went and checked out the upper sac today and it is sure ripping through the canyon and almost up to some roads in Dunsmuir. I also went by Lake Siskiyou and the lake is full to the top and the water is flowing over the top of the dam. Check out this photo below I took today of the upper sac and compared it to a picture I took a few weeks back at the same location (The Bottom Picture is From Today).

As for fishing, The fishing has taken a break due to the rivers being blown out. But the Lower Sac should start to fish really good by mid week next week. It is really off color right now while these rains hammer us, but the lower sac clears pretty fast when the rains stop. Expect April to be epic on the Lower Sac and is one of the best times of year to be on that river catching big rainbows!

The upper Sac should be pretty epic this spring with a lot of big lake run fish in the river due to how much water we are getting they can push up out of the lake to get to their spawning areas. If you see fish on their spawning beds, please leave them alone and fish somewhere else and please don't walk across where they are spawning and damaging the area. The spring on the upper sac is also awesome because of the salmon flies and golden stone flies that are everywhere on the river. So be sure to try and make it up here during the spring to fish this beautiful river.

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